ENCOSH - First international platform to solve challenges that exist between human and wildlife coexistence.


implemented initiatives all over the world, by issues and by species.



these techniques, to make them accessible to everyone.


these initiatives to local issues and species.

There is no global means of sharing knowledge on local initiatives, which help to cope with men-wildlife coexistence issues. With this in mind, HISA has decided to set up ENCOSH, the first participative exchange platform for and by people who face to wild mammals activities.

Many people face similar problems related to the presence of wild mammals: domestic cattle wounded or killed by carnivores, cultures destroyed by wild boars … Various local initiatives have been tested around the world to face these problems: warning systems, scaring devices, damage compensation plans It is often necessary to combine several of these measures to avoid, minimize and compensate negative interactions between humans and wildlife. Sharing the great diversity of local knowledge and techniques that exist in the world will enable us to strengthen our means and to act locally.

ENCOSH aims to build a participatory and collaborative platform sharing knowledge about various initiatives tested around the world, which help to solve issues related to wildlife presence.

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