HISA is a partner of the workshop “WRRRITE”, organized in Tanzania! This event, initiated by Kilimanjaro Animal CREW, is the first wildlife rescue and rehabilitation workshop in Tanzania, with a highly motivated shock team! This workshop was an opportunity to come back on issues of the conservation of our biodiversity, but also on the importance of setting up rescue and rehabilitation programs for endangered wildlife.

In fact, in front of human population growth, more and more wild animals are in distress situations. With few resources but the same passion for wild life, teams of Tanzanian rangers, veterinarians, research and protection authorities are joining forces to set new standards for the management of wild animals in critical situation (veterinary care, training, anti-poaching, well-being and captivity).

This event brought together the major players in these programs, such as HISA, Every Living Thing, the Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute-TAWIRI research institute, and the Tanzanian authorities in charge of preserving and protecting nature reserves of the country, such as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority.

We are currently working on the next workshop!