Our pillars are the identity of SANA, the guiding principles of our work. They guide our focus areas and projects. Building on each other block by block, they are also arranged in order of foster community participation in Conservation. Though each have their own goals, they are linked and more importantly belong to one common goal which is Saving Africa’s Nature so that every being can live in a harmonious environment.

Center for Women empowerment

The Center empowers women with skills and tools for them to develop solutions to different challenges. Through the Gongo Mamas project, women receive training on leadership, entrepreneurship and engage themselves in the production of reusable sanitary napkins & natural handcraft such as hats, baskets and mats 

Items produced from the Center are available for sale at Miseni retreat and shops in Dar es salaam hence this enables women to earn income for their families.  

Gongo Dispensary

With the support of Friends of SANA, a dispensary was built at Gongo village to ensure access to basic health care. The dispensary is serving more than 2000 people from the area.

Before the construction of the dispensary, the community at Gongo used to go 45 km to get access to healthcare.

After the construction and installation of necessary equipment, SANA submitted the project to the Government and continues to provide medicine, equipment and other support needed.

We thank Mr Takis and everyone who supported the construction of the Gongo dispensary.


This project is designed to provide a sustainable way of income generation. The project saw the formation of an association of 15 people who have previously engaged in Charcoal burning activities at Gongo village, construction of a chicken farm, training of group members and purchase of 500 Chicks (Kroiler),

The project is in the second phase and has provided employment, slowed down deforestation at Gongo Forest and also provided a mindset shift for communities at Gongo Village on a sustainable way of earning income.

Water Project

SANA is currently working with the Oroma foundation to resolve the water shortage at Gongo Village. Previously SANA drilled a community well but due to high salinity the water obtain is not suitable for human consumption.

We invite stakeholder to work with SANA so as to resolve the water problem at Gongo, visit our crowdfunding campaign, donate and share :

The Kilimo + project

Kilimo +  Is an agricultural resource and demonstration centre being developed at Gongo village with the aim of training youth with specialized agricultural information and practical training encouraging the application of sustainable agricultural practices that conserves the environment.

The project has begun with the construction of a market for the Gongo Farmers to sell their products.